Special Education Terms

ABA Applied Behaviour Analysis
CIPR Comité d’identification, de placement et de révision (IPRC)
CCED Comité consultatif pour l’enfance en difficulté (SEAC)
IEP Individual Education Plan
IPRC Identification, Placement and Review Committee
IEP Individual Educational Plan
IPRC Identification, Placement and Review Committee
Plan d’enseignement individualisé (IEP)
Special Equipment Amount
SEAC Special Education Advisory Committee
SEPPA Special Education Per Pupil Amount
SERT Special Education Resource Teacher
SIP Special Incidence Portion


EDU Ministry of Education
MCYS Ministry of Children & Youth Services
MCSS Ministry of Community and Social Services
MOHLTC Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care
MTCU Ministry of Training, Colleges &Universities

Ministry Terms

ADP Assistive Devices Program (MOHLTC)
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (MCSS)
Community Care Access Centre (MOHLTC)
OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Plan (MTCU)
OSR Ontario School Record (EDU)
PPM Policy Program Memorandum (EDU)

Education Groups

ADFO Association des directions et directions adjointes des écoles franco-ontariennes
AEFO Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens
CODE Council for Directors of Education
CODELF Conseil ontarien des directrices et des directeurs de l’éducation de langue française
CPCO Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario
EQAO Education Quality & Accountability Office
ETFO Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
MACSE Minister’s Advisory Council on Special Education
OCASE Ont. Council of Administrators in Special Education
OCSOA Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association
OECTA Ont. English Speaking Catholic Teachers’ Association
OFIFC Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres
OPC Ontario Principals’ Council
OPSOA Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association
OPSTF Ontario Public School Teachers’ Federation
OSCA Ontario School Counsellors’ Association
OSLA Ont. Assn of Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists
OSSTF Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
OTF Ontario Teachers’ Federation
PAAC on SEAC Parent Association Advisory Committee on Special Education Advisory Committees
PPE Parents partenaires en éducation

Parent/Special Needs Associations

ABC Association for Bright Children
AO Autism Ontario
CADDAC Centre for ADHD/ADD Advocacy, Canada
CEC Council for Exceptional Children
CHS Canadian Hearing Society
CLO Community Living Ontario
CNIB Canadian National Institute for the Blind
CPF Canadian Parents for French
LDAO Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
FASD ONE Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Ontario Network of Expertise
NEADS National Education Association of Disabled Students
OAAIS Ont. Assoc. of Alternative and Independent Schools
OACMHC Ontario Association of Children’s Mental Health Centres
OACRS Ont. Assoc. of Children’s Rehabilitation Centres
OASAR Ont. Assoc. for Students at Risk
OBIA Ontario Brain Injury Association
OFCP Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
OSAC Ontario Society for Autistic Citizens
SBHAO Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Society
TESS The Easter Seal Society
TSF Tourette Syndrome Foundation
VIEWS VIEWS for the Visually Impaired
VOICE VOICE for the Hearing Impaired