Do the minutes accurately report all key items, discussions and decisions?
Do the minutes go to the trustees before they are approved by the members of the SEAC?
Is approval of the minutes a regular item on your SEAC agenda?
If the minutes need to be amended, then do they come back again for approval?
Is a SEAC report a regular item on the school board agenda?
Who reports to the board on behalf of SEAC?
Who reports back?
How frequently does your SEAC pass motions, recommending a specific course of action to the school board?
What happens to those motions?
Who reports back from the board to SEAC?
How frequently does your SEAC appear in front of the school board as a delegation?
When do you get major reports in advance of the meeting?
Is your SEAC functioning strictly in accordance with the SEAC regulation?

Source: Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario