In Regulation 464/97, Section (1) a “local association” is defined as:

an association or organization of parents that operates locally within the area of jurisdiction of a board and that is affiliated with an association or organization that is not an association or organization of professional educators but that is incorporated and operates throughout Ontario to further the interests and well being of one or more groups of exceptional children or adults.”

All local association SEAC members should be affiliated with both a local group or chapter and a provincial association.  Local associations and provincial parent associations vary considerably in the programs and services they offer, and whether they have a staff or volunteer responsible for providing SEAC support.  Regardless of the organizational structure, the SEAC member, who is a local association representative, has a responsibility to both report about SEAC to the local association, and/or provincial parent association, and to share information from the local association and provincial parent association with other SEAC members.