Within Regulation 464/97 it is recommended that the board appoint alternate members for SEAC members who are local association representatives, Trustees and First Nations representatives.  Alternate members can ensure that a voting member is available in the absence of the SEAC member, and can assist the SEAC member in preparing for meetings and connecting with the local association and provincial parent association.

Effective Practices to involve alternates in SEAC activities include:

  • Providing all communications and meeting resources to the alternate members.
  • Making it clear during training that the SEAC member is responsible to provide information to the alternate and to be in regular communication.
  • Encouraging all alternate members to attend every SEAC meeting.
  • Nomination, by local associations, of an alternate member who is able to extend the reach of the SEAC member by covering a different geographical area, or bringing specific knowledge or skills.
  • Nomination, by local associations, of alternative members who have an interest in becoming the SEAC member in the future.
  • Having the SEAC member and alternate maintain an on-going relationship with the local association to highlight the value of the SEAC role and increase parent awareness about opportunities to become a SEAC member or alternate.
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