Under Regulation 464/97, the school board is required to make available the “personnel and facilities” for the “proper functioning of the committee”. (Section 10 (1)).  In most school boards this means, at least, a staff for administrative support, including recording and distributing Meeting Minutes, providing notification of Meetings, and other communications, and ensuring meeting rooms are available and refreshments provided, if necessary.  (For further discussion on administrative support for SEAC meetings, see Section 5.1.)

SEAC Meetings are usually attended by a supervisory officer responsible for special education.  In addition, some school boards assign additional staff to attend SEAC on a regular basis as a resource to the committee

Effective Practices to provide resource staff to SEAC include:

  • Inviting senior staff responsible for professional services at the school board to attend SEAC meetings on a regular basis.
  • Inviting special education staff to attend SEAC meetings on a rotating basis.
  • Inviting Principal Associations to assign a representative Principal or Vice-Principal to attend SEAC meetings.
  • Inviting teacher federations and employee unions to have a representative attend SEAC meetings as an observer.