Regulation 464/97 provides only limited direction about the appointment of additional voting members, sometimes called members at large.  In Regulation 464/97, Section 2 (5) the board may appoint one or more additional members who are not:

  • Representatives of a local association
  • Trustee members of the board
  • Members of another committee of the board

PAAC on SEAC recommends that all school boards and school authorities develop policies for SEAC that clearly define the number of additional members and the criteria that will be used to select additional members.

Effective Practices for the selection of additional members include:

  • A policy that clearly outlines that the number of additional members is not to exceed the number of local association members.
  • A policy that outlines the attributes or connections required for additional members of SEAC.
  • Appointment of an individual from a community agency or organization that supports any group(s) of exceptional children that are not represented by an existing local association representative.
  • Appointment of a representative from a community organization that supports the needs of one or more groups of exceptional children, but does not meet the criteria as a local association.
  • Promoting the need for additional SEAC members, and associated requirements, in the local and community newspaper or media, to school councils, and through the school board website.
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