The number of Trustee members of SEAC is determined by Regulation 464/97 and the size of the board.  School Authorities usually have one Trustee member and school boards may have one to three Trustee members.

PAAC on SEAC recognizes that Trustee members of SEAC are in a unique position to participate in discussions as members of SEAC and also in discussions at the Board table when decisions are made.  Trustees are elected officials and are ultimately responsible for making decisions about special education programs and services and the special education budget.  Trustees who are well informed and knowledgeable about special education are better able to make decisions that benefit students with special education needs.

Effective Practices to involve Trustees in SEAC include:

  • Appointment of alternative Trustees.
  • Inviting all Trustees to attend SEAC meetings when important presentations or discussions will take place.
  • Providing regular written updates from SEAC to the Trustees.
  • Making presentations to Trustees on specific activities or topics.
  • Asking one of the Trustee members of SEAC to provide an update on board activities at each SEAC meeting.