In Regulation 464/97, Section 7 is very clear about the situations in which a member of SEAC vacates his or her seat, and Section 8 concerns how the vacant seat should be filled.  In Section 7 (1) “ a member vacates his or her seat if he or she:

  • is convicted of an indictable offence;
  • absents himself or herself without being authorized by resolution entered in the minutes from three consecutive regular meetings of the committee; or
  • ceases to hold the qualifications to be appointed to the committee.”

PAAC on SEAC recommends that each school board have a written process regarding vacancies and how they will be filled. 

Effective Practices for a policy regarding SEAC vacancies and how they will be filled include:

  • Making clear to members, or have a written policy, on the requirement of the member to notify the Chair of SEAC if they are convicted of an indictable offense.
  • Formalizing the process for authorizing extended absences for SEAC members who need to miss two or more meetings, for example due to illness, family emergencies or employment changes.
  • Formalizing the process for the school board or SEAC Chair to notify the member and also the relevant local association, when the member has missed meetings.
  • Providing a description of the qualifications required to be appointed to the SEAC.
  • Developing a process for the school board or SEAC Chair to invite local associations to provide a replacement.
  • Developing a policy and procedure to fill a vacant seat during the term of SEAC.