An important element of effective volunteer management is volunteer recognition.  It is important that SEAC members are recognized for the significant contribution that they make to the school system.  Many school boards have formal volunteer recognition programs and hold annual events to recognize all volunteers.  Other school boards have processes in place to track years of volunteer services and recognize outstanding contributions.  PAAC on SEAC recommends that SEAC develop a policy or process, or use existing school board recognition programs, to recognize the contribution of SEAC members.

Effective Practices to recognize the contribution of SEAC members include:

  • Recognition of SEAC members with other volunteer recognition events held by the school board.
  • Holding an event during April, Volunteer Recognition Month, to recognize the contribution of SEAC members.
  • Recognizing SEAC contributions and years of service at the last meeting of each term of SEAC.
  • Holding an annual event to recognize and thank SEAC members, such as a seasonal luncheon, or a year end meal.
  • Presenting certificates, or small tokens, to recognize SEAC members on an annual basis, or when SEAC members leave.
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